Time gated Phasor

Phasor approach is powerful technique for visualization and analysis of lifetime images. Here we show the application of this approach to different gate settings (number of time gates, total measurement window...


Time Gated Phasor PlugIn Download

This plugin is designed to analyze the lifetime images recorded with Time-gated or TCSPC systems with different gate configurations (gate numbers, total detection time) by phasor approach. The sampling and truncation of decay curves due to limited number of gates is considered here. The method is described in Fereidouni et. al, Journal of Microscopy. Download the package and extract the zip file in the ImageJ plugin folder : “X:\Program Files\ImageJ\plugins folder”. X is the drive where the ImageJ is installed:

•    A bug is fixed for Phasor calibration. Inspired by Kathleen Chen

•    A bug is fixed for fitting the line in global analysis. Inspired by Arjen Bader




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