Spectral Phasor

Phasor approach is powerful technique for visualization and analysis of lifetime and spectral images. The spectra are mapped into a 2D plot according to their emission maximum and spectral widths. Unmixing, segmentation and visualisation becomes easier.


Spectral Phasor FAQ

What is the spectral unmixing?
•    The spectral unmixing is a method which calculates the spatial distribution of different components in the image and their fractions of total intensity based on their spectra. it can also provides the spectra for pure components.

What is needed for spectral unmixing?
•    Mostly, separate reference measurement are needed which is to record the spectra of the components that we guess are present in the image that we want to unmix.

What is the blind unmixing?
•    In many cases recording the reference spectra is not possible and the unmixing needs to be performed without reference measurement. This is called blind unmixing. PCA,NMF and spectral phasor (SPA) can perform blind unmixing with less priori information.

What is the global analysis?
•   In global analysis we assume that the spectra are invariant in whole image and only the fractions of each component changes from pixel to pixel. PCA,NMF and SPA are global algorithms.

What is this method for?
•   This is a phasor based method for unmixing of spectral images and their fractional intensities.

What can it do?
•   It provides a graphical view of spectral images. The spectra from pixels are transformed into a 2D plot called phasor plot according to their spectral shape.
•    Unmixing of two and three components in a semi-Blind way is possible.
•    Segmentation of unlimited number of components is possible by reciprocal transformation from phasor plot to image..

What can't it do?
•    So far the unmixing is limited to three components.

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