Spectral Phasor

Phasor approach is powerful technique for visualization and analysis of lifetime and spectral images. The spectra are mapped into a 2D plot according to their emission maximum and spectral widths. Unmixing, segmentation and visualisation becomes easier.


Spectral Phasor Download

This plugin is designed to analyze the spectral images by phasor approach. The unmixing and segmentation is performed by visualization of spectral image by means of phasor approach. Download the package and extract the zip file in the ImageJ plugin folder : “X:\Program Files\ImageJ\plugins folder”. X is the drive where the ImageJ is installed.

If you restart ImageJ in the Plugins menu three “Phasor to image” and “Spectral phasor” and “phasor unmix”will be added.

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What is new 1.4 beta:

•    Scale and origin is added to spectral phasor plots.

What is new 1.4:

•    A bug is fixed for non-square region of intrests.
Inspired by Louis Wolf

•    A feature is added to calculate the fractions of unmixed components.
•    The possibility of unmixing of two components is added.
Inspired by Joanna Kwiatek

 •    A bug is fixed for non-square images.
Inspired by Dan Fu

•    The possibility of making region of interests is more flexible now; They can take any shapes.
Inspired by Arjen Bader



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